I Need to Monitor My Child Mobile Phone!

“We’ve broke down and bought our child an iPhone 6, and now we have no idea what kind of trouble our child can be getting into with the iPhone. He’s always attached to it, it’s like the phone has taken over his life. Now that I think about it, I realize that I too use the iPhone an awful lot and I’m becoming more self conscious so that I can set a better example about proper cell phone usage. Is there a way that I can monitor my child’s mobile phone so I can check-in and keep tabs on where he’s been, who he’s talking to, and what they’re talking about? I just want to make sure that my child is making the right decisions before he becomes an adult and out of my control.”

I’ve been all over the web, and this concern is being discussed in forums all over the world. I’ve read many letters like this. The short answer is YES. You can monitor your child’s iPhone, BlackBerry, or Android powered mobile phone. Monitoring software for monitoring your child’s mobile phone allows you to find out exactly how your phone is being used.

Aaron has the right idea. He knows that once his child becomes an adult, he will no longer be responsible for what his son does. For the time being, your underage child can implicate you and your iPhone in less than legal conduct or in conduct that is poor morally. I don’t know how many letters I’ve read about how a child has violated their parents’ trust, and taken advantage of undeserved kindness.

Monitoring your child’s mobile phone will pay for itself if it helps you come out on top in even one volatile situation. I’ve heard about parents that were monitoring their daughter’s phone when she got mad and stole her parents truck and credit cards. Because they were monitoring their child’s cell phone, they were able to quickly locate and retrieve their stolen property by tracking the iPhone GPS location.

Another reason for monitoring your child’s mobile phone is the threat of cyber bullying. At first, the term cyber bullying sounds benign. What? Is my child scared that his phone’s gonna punch him in the face? Ha, not likely! But that type of attitude towards cyber bully attacks is what causes children to try and keep the hurt of cyber bullying a secret.

People can gang up and send text messages with personal attacks, or constantly threaten your child with physical danger. By monitoring your child’s cell phone, you can monitor text messages for signs of danger.

Certain mobile phone monitoring software for your child’s phone offers parental control features. In addition to monitoring the many aspects of your child’s iPhone use (including websites visited, pictures/videos captured, calls made, GPS locations, text messages and more) parental control software gives you, the parent, the ability to block, restrict, and filter the use of your child’s iPhone. You can disable certain features, or even the whole phone at certain times so you can set a curfew to keep your child from spending all night on the phone or keep him from using the iPhone at school. With parental control monitoring software, you can decide who is allowed to communicate with your child, and restrict the mobile phone from accessing bad websites.

If you’ve given your child an iPhone, BlackBerry or Android powered mobile phone, then you should look into monitoring your child’s cell phone activities. By monitoring your child’s mobile phone, you won’t be easily deceived by your child. You deserve to know where your child is at all times, who they talk to, and what they’re talking about.

Make sure that your child is staying on the right track and that he or she is being honest, safe, and responsible with the cell phone you’ve provided. Software for monitoring mobile phones is the ultimate tool for staying connected with your child, and with most options available for less than $10 USD a month, it’d be irresponsible to not monitor your child’s mobile phone.

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